competition for the new soccer academy and administration DFB

The dynamics of the soccer game is assumed to be formative for the entire design and draws on the lines of the former racecourse in Frankfurt Niederrad the great form of the DFB academy and headquarters. Its curved design language derived from the movement lines of the athletes and the trajectory of the ball. Due to the deformation of the landscape, the building assumes the form of an oversized stadium with a strong urban character. Thus, the form shows immediately the function and it provides a compact and clearly recognizable identity.


  • Project: new soccer academy and administration DFB
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: deutscher fußball-bund e.v. (DFB)
  • Activity: competition, general planning with GEZA gri e zucchi architetti associati and KLA kiparlandschaftsarchitekten
  • Surface: 20.000 sqm gross floor area, 45.000 sqm sport areas