A FOREST FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY "Nature as a new icon for the Andrea Palladio Central Station".
Our proposal of transformation of the ENEL power plant in Fusina is an opportunity to rethink the concept of static industrial model, replacing it with a new paradigm that aims from one side to communicate ENEL Group's commitment to the energy transition and, on the other, the creation of a landmark, which can generate a sense of belonging and be an input to the redevelopment of the entire industrial area, being used by the community and consequently supporting the future socio-cultural development.
The entry has been awarded with the 3rd prize and - even if we did not win - we are immensely proud of the concept and the teamwork behind it. Congratulation to the winners!


  • Progetto: Andreas Kipar, Davide Caspani, Margherita Pascucci, Lisa Perego, Valerio Bozzoli, Andrea Balestrini 120 Grammi CFK Architetti Venezia - arch. Clemens Kusch Fondazione Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia Simone Antonelli